Condimentos naturais



Condimentos naturais



Bis zu 2 Liter Alkohol pro Tag


До 2 литра алкохол на ден

TReC1and2's greatest invention of the century!


Established a silly way to spend your life.

Deliciosa anguila!!!!!!!!!
blanca a la parrilla

¡Vamos, es el día del buey! Hace 400 años que la gran mentira de que las anguilas están en temporada aunque sea verano se convirtió en un acontecimiento anual. Incluso si no estuviera en temporada, ¡te gustaría comerlo! Preparemos juntos este delicioso plato. 1, En primer lugar, corta una anguila fresca en tres trozos. 2, Poner la anguila en un bol con sake y sal. 3, Remover durante 5 minutos. 4, Prepare papel de aluminio para la parrilla del pescado. 5, Asar durante 2 minutos con el lado de la carne hacia arriba. 6, Asar con la piel hacia arriba durante 5 minutos. 7,Comprueba si está crujiente y ajusta el grill a tu gusto.Me gusta con sal y wasabi. ¡Tomemos un poco de sake y un bocado rápido!


Under the influence


Why is it only sold in brewpubs? Was the sales strategy right in the first place?Tokyo Hardcore Beer Crew pushes on without worrying about such things. Whether they see the light or not, they have no choice but to go straight ahead.

Please plan your use accordingly.If you work hard for the slightest whim or dream, your ideals and debts will swell without stopping. Have you convinced your significant other? Are you well prepared? Have you involved your friends needlessly? I'll say it again because it's important. Please plan your use accordingly.

How can we live
a life like HOTAROU?

HOTAROU considers eating fish every day and drinking lots of beer and shochu to be the most important factors in living life. He drinks beer while lying on the floor, sunbathing in the park, watching soccer games, or listening to records or computer music on his Yes, that is, he does nothing. Strictly speaking, his way of life itself is his philosophy, his work, and his raison d'etre. He has nothing to fear. Just do whatever you want.


Derby County has been
relegated to League One.

Can such sadness be allowed to happen? The manager is interim, the keeper is reluctant and only the offside appeal has a Premier League face. However, the acquisition of a veteran in Mcgoldrick is a great achievement. The development players from the academy have also developed and given the Rams an income with nice deals to other teams. The remaining players had a very difficult start to the season, with an injury incident in which she was beaten to a pulp, but watching them fight hard made me want to work hard again and support this team from the bottom of my heart, from an island country in the Far East.